2018.03.01 - Release Notes - 401 (v9.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 401 (v9.0.0) 
Release Date: 2018.03.01

New Features

  • When you first log in you will be sent to the new CMIX Pulse screen. This is a quick snapshot of important Critical Mix updates and system traffic for your surveys. It also provides quick links to your favorite projects as well as any open tasks. (SP-2321)
  • Internal Critical Mix Users now have the ability to view the system as other users in order to see what they see. (SP-2366) 
  • We have added a new data download option which will provide the value labels instead of the numeric coding. (SP-2333)
  • We redesigned the 'My Account' section for ease of use as well as adding some additional features such as:
    • Ability to personalize your account by allowing users to upload a photo (SP-2321)
    • In addition to general user information, we now list all the groups a user is a part of for easy confirmation (SP-2321)
  • The 'Manage Users' section of CMIX has also been completely redesigned. Some added features include:
    • Ability to reset a user password and send it to yourself if needed
    • Ability to update multiple users roles at once
    • Ability to review user Activity Logs (SP-2323)
    • See article: Manage Users: Overview
  • The 'Theme Card' within the 'Build & Edit' Tools has also undergone a refactor along with some new built in theme templates available to all users. (SP-2352)


  • In an effort to streamline the survey creation process, we have created a new interface for creating a survey
  • Cloning a survey has also been simplified. 
  • We have made some adjustments on how Simple Grids appear on mobile. This will allow more readability and usability on smaller screens/devices. (SP-2405)
  • In an effort to reduce costs and make things more efficient, we have translated our default text in a number of different languages which are now available upon adding the specific locale. (SP-2343)
  • The 'Build & Edit' Tool now highlights the cards you have open for ease of use. (SP-2354)
  • The 'Status' options within the Launchpad are now sorted in project life cycle order: Design > Test > Live > Closed. This will allow you to sort based on active work in its natural life cycle order. (SP-2413)
  • We have sped up the data download process on larger surveys. (SP-2363)
  • In order to minimize scrolling in the 'Review Outline' Tool, we have hidden the actual JavaScript used and it will just be flagged that there is JavaScript being used on the question level. (SP-2346)
  • In order to aid in the QA Process, we have added a flag within the 'Review Outline' which will indicate if a response list is shared with another question/variable within the survey. (SP-2353)
  • The system now allows the upload of the following file types: .srt, .dfxp and .vtt (SP-2370)

Bug Fixes

  • If you were using any logic blocks to set a variable to the text of another, you would encounter an error loading the 'Review Outline'. (SP-2181)
  • You were able to drag and drop both images and videos into content fields throughout the system. Uploading images and videos in this manner were temporary and would only last 24 hours. This functionality has been disabled so you can only upload images and videos using the 'File Upload' section of the 'Build & Edit' Tool. (SP-2383)
  • While setting up quotas within the 'Build & Edit' Tool, you could have encountered the response list duplicating when using a shared list. This has now been resolved. (SP-2345)
  • If you are cloning a survey, you may have noticed your data layouts may still appear even if you have deleted them from the original survey before you cloned it. This has been resolved and you will only get the existing layouts and not ones that may have been deleted before hand. (SP-2281)
  • Numeric question would always show up as integers when downloading data in SPSS, regardless of the precision setting. This has now been accounted for. (SP-2014)
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