Script: Auto Submit Next Page After Predetermined Amount of Time

This article will give you some code to automatically submit the next page button after a predetermined amount of time. 


In some instances you may want to automatically submit the 'Next' button after a predetermined amount of time. Usually, this is used when showing a respondent a concept for 10 seconds, as an example. 


  1. Program your question as needed.
  2.  Add the following code to the 'ADD JAVASCRIPT' field
    • See article: Adding JavaScript and/or CSS to a Question
    • Update the 25000 in the code below to the number you need. This number is in milliseconds. If you wanted 10 seconds, you would change that to 10000 (10 seconds X 1000). 
      var qCustomTimer;
      jQuery('#cm-NextButton').on('click', function () {
      function startTimer() {
          qCustomTimer = setTimeout(function(){jQuery("#cm-NextButton").click();}, 25000); /* UPDATE TIME HERE */ 
      function cancelTimer() {
        	if (qCustomTimer) {
  3. Make sure to test to confirm the time is correct
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