Images: Watermarking

This article will show you how to watermark images


You may want to add watermark images in order to discourage the sharing of concepts. This article will show you how to add a survey a customizable watermark to each of these items. 


  1. Upload your image to the survey
  2. Make sure you survey has its respondent token configured.
  3. Add the following image tag to your question using the following format and you will need to update a few things:
    <img src='[[SAMPLE_SOURCE]]&i=INSERT_IMAGE_NAME&rt=[[RESP_TOKEN]]&h=[[SHA256 ( ID . "_" . RESP_TOKEN . "_" . "INSERT_IMAGE_NAME" ) ]]&c=0'>
  4. In the code from Step 3 above, replace the two instances of 'INSERT_IMAGE_NAME' with the full name of the image you uploaded in Step 1 above. Example, use "image1.png" and not "image1". 
  5. In the code from Step 3 above, replace the 'INSERT_SURVEY_ID' with corresponding survey id for the survey you are working on. 
  6. Also, in the code from Step 3 above, There is a 'c=0' at the end of the code. Below are the predetermined colors that can be used. 
    • c=0 is a rainbow of colors
    • c=1 is #FF0000 (orange)
    • c=2 is #00FF00 (lime green)
    • c=3 is #0000FF (purple)
    • c=4 is #FFFF00 (yellow)
    • c=5 is #FF00FF (pink)
    • c=6 is #00FFFF (light blue)
    • c=7 is #646464 (grey)
    • c=8 is #FFFFFF (white)
    • If any number is used other than the ones indicated above, the default is #646464
  7. Here is an sample image with c=7 as an example:

Please Note:

  • The code will only appear when live. While testing, you will see the text 'RESP_TOKEN' instead of a code. 
  • You can use this setup in static elements, question text, response lists, and even image highlighters
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