Randomize Responses: Variable Value

This article will show you how to use a hidden variable to manually create an order


You may have the need to create a random order within a variable and use that to randomize a response list. The instructions below will show you how. 


Step 1: Creating the Variable

  1. Program a 'Single Variable' without a response list
  2. Add a logic a 'Logic Block Page' in a location before the random order will be used. 
    • See article: Add a Logic Block Page
    • Using the formula syntax, set the variable to the order you need. Please note, the order must be a comma delimited list wrapped in quotes. Example: You have a question with a response list containing 5 items. You want the order to always be: 
      So you would set your variable to:
      "1, 3, 4, 5, 2"

Step 2: Using the order variable within the question

  1. Program your question with the corresponding response list
  2. Access the 'Overall Question Settings' 
  3. Turn on the 'Custom Response Order' toggle. 
    1. Select 'Variable Value' from the drop-down
    2. Select the name of the 'Single Variable' you created
    3. Choose between:
      • Apply to 'Ordinals' (Position of the Codes) 
      • Apply to 'Names' (exact Code numbers)
  4. You are done! Make sure to test. 

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