Randomize Responses: Previous Order

This article will show you how to randomize responses based on another existing order. 


You may want to randomize a response list in the same order its was seen in a prior question. The steps below will show you how to accomplish this. 


  1. Program one of the questions and create a Custom Randomization within it. 
  2. Program one of the subsequent questions with the same response list. 
    1. Access the 'Overall Question Settings'
    2. Click on the 'Custom Response Order' toggle, to turn it on 
    3. Select 'Previous Order' from the 'Type' dropdown  
    4. In the 'Same Order As' dropdown, select the prior question you want to use to mirror the randomization
    5. In the 'Take' and 'Apply To' dropdowns you now have some choices. The default is Ordinals to Ordinals because in most cases you will have an identical list which had been programmed in the identical order. 
      • Ordinals - Refer to the positional order of the randomization (not the programmed codes)
      • Names - Refer to the actual punches (programmed codes)
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