Randomize Responses: Custom Randomization

This article will show you some examples of Custom Randomization and how to create them

Custom Randomizations

Here you are building your randomization for this specific question. By default:

  • The 'Randomization Summary' will show, 'From 1 To X', meaning its randomizing everything in the list. 
  • It will also show the 'Shuffle' toggle as being on because it is blue. The other option is 'Linear' meaning it will display in programmed order. There will also be an open lock. This means this is not anchored/locked in this position. 

If you wanted to customize your randomization, use the 'from' and 'to' dropdowns at the bottom of the section. 


Example 1: Anchoring items to the bottom of your list. 

You have 10 total responses and you want to anchor the last one because its an opt out. 

  1. Use the dropdowns to select From 10 TO 10
  2. Next, click on the '+ Group' to add it to the list. 
  3. This will add a new line item to your Randomization Summary for response 10
  4. Now to lock it in its programmed position, click on the lock icon so the lock is no longer open. 
  5. You are done, make sure to test 

NOTE: If you wanted to anchor the bottom 2 options for example you would follow the same steps above, just selecting 'From 9 to 10'

Example 2: You have 2 or more items within the list that you want to keep together. 

Lets say you still have a total of 10 responses and you want items 2-4 to remain together and still randomized. 

  1. Use the dropdowns to select From 2 to 4 
  2. Next, click on the '+' to add it to the list. 
  3. A new line item will appear for this group in the Randomization Summary 
  4. By default, you will see they are set to 'Shuffle'. This means these options will be randomized within themselves. If you want them to appear in programmed order, click on the 'Linear' button. 
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