Randomize Responses: Overview

This article will show you how to randomize response lists within questions 


In many cases you may need to randomize a response list, anchor items at the bottom of the list or even keep two or more specific brands together. Below we will go over the different options available. 


  1. Program your question as needed
  2. Access the Overall Question Settings within your question
  3. Click on the 'Custom Response Order' toggle 
  4. You will then have to select one of the 3 options in the dropdown that appears below the toggle
    1. Custom Randomization (default) - This is a custom randomization you will build within this question
    2. Variable Value - Where you use a variable to hold the order and refer to it
      • See article: Randomize Responses: Variable Value
    3. Previous Order - You can use a random order used in a different question so you can keep it consistent throughout
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