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This article will show you how to utilize the Quick Access Menu to navigate to specific areas of your survey. 


The 'Navigation Menu' is available to you on most screens within your survey. It will allow you to navigate the system quickly and easily so you get get to the information you need with the least amount of clicks. 

Accessing the Navigation Menu

The 'Navigation Menu' icon is consistent throughout the system. It is located in the following locations:

  • 'Pulse Page' - If you have made any surveys 'Favorites', you will have access directly from the 'Pulse Page' 

  • 'Launchpad' - This is also referred to as the Project List. 
  • 'Build & Edit' Tool 

  • 'Preview & Test' Tool
  • 'Survey Dashboard' 

Menu Options

Manage & Monitor The default location when you land on the Survey Dashboard. Provides a general overview of traffic and survey permissions
  Build & Edit Opens the survey scripting user interface to build and edit your survey
  Markup Editor Opens the code based scripting portion of your project
  Preview & Test Quick link to test your survey using some build in testing tools
  Review Outline Feature allows you to look at a scrollable version of your survey which aids you in the Quality Assurance (QA) Process
  Validate Data Aids in creating dummy data (also called test data). Another helpful tool for Quality Assurance (QA)
  Survey Links List of all the survey links programmed for your specific project
  Quotas View and update programmed quotas at any time
  Fielding Stats Summary of survey traffic
  Terms & Dropouts Table of termination and abandon points for your survey
  Interactive Reporting Sync your data to the MarketSight Platform which robust reporting options such as banners, dashboards and PowerPoint exports
  Legacy Reporting The original reporting tool for legacy Cmix users that allows you to create basic banners and view counts
  Inspect & Edit Records Quickly search for specific respondents for review. Also use this screen to remove respondents from your data set, if needed. 
  Bulk Update Allows you to recode data using a spreadsheet
  Export Files Location for all data download options as well as a questionairre export
  Activity Logs Log of all current logged transactions made by users
  Cmix Admin Available to Dynata Empoyees only. Update client and view traffic logs
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