Script: Center NEXT Page Button on a Specific Screen

This article will help you center the NEXT Page button on a specific screen


You may want to center the NEXT Page button on the first screen of a survey. This article will show you how to do so. 

Centering the NEXT Page button

  1. Access the Survey Authoring Tool (SAT) and open any question card on the specific page you want to center the Next Page button on. 
  2. Click on the HTML Editor icon tied to the question card.
  3. Access the Source Code Editor (</>)
    • See Article: Source Code Editor
    • While in the Source Code Editor, add the following code
      	.cm-survey-navigation {
      		text-align: center !important;
      	.cm-progress-bar {
      		display: none !important;
      	.cm-navigation-buttons {
      		float: none !important;
  4. You are done. 

NOTE: You can add this same code (minus the <script> tags) to your theme to do this on every page, if needed.

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