Inserting an Image

This article will show you how to insert an image

  1. Make sure you have uploaded your images and they follow the general image guidelines 
  2. There are two ways to insert and image:
    1. Method 1: Using the 'Insert Survey Image' dropdown
      • Click on the 'Text Editor Menu' for the field you wish to add the image to
      • Click on the 'Insert Survey Image' icon and use the dropdown to select the image you would like to use
      • Click the 'SAVE' button when you are done!
    2. Method 2:Using raw html in the 'Source Code Editor' 
      • Access the 'Source Code Editor' of the field you are adding the image to
      • Insert the following html and update with the link the your specific image
        <img src="" style="width: 300px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib">
      • Click 'Save' when you are done!
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