2017.12.06 - Release Notes - 306 (v8.2.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 306 (v8.2.0) 
Release Date: 2017.12.06

New Features

  • NEW Interactive Reporting
    • We are proud to announce the integration of our new and more robust reporting tool which we are now calling Interactive Reporting. This is a joint venture with out sister company, MarketSight, an industry leader in Data Visualization and Reporting. 
    • The prior Critical Tabs/Interactive Reporting links have been renamed to 'Legacy Reporting'. All the functionality and access currently remains the same. 


  • QA Testing Tools
    • When testing a survey, you now have the ability to see the variable names and coding. To utilize this feature, click on the 'SHOW LOGIC/CODING' button at the top of the screen. To hide it, simply click the button again. This allows easier and more thorough testing. (SP-2267)
    • If you hide the QA Testing Tools, the additional testing tools will be hidden so you can see what an actual respondent would see.  (SP-2267)
  • Numeric Question Types    
    • In 'Numeric' questions types, test data generation now takes the force total question setting into consideration. This helps generate more accurate test data for 100% and/or chip allocation exercises. (SP-1772)
    • In 'Numeric' questions types, test data generation now accounts for individual responses not being required. This helps generate more accurate test data for ranking  exercises where you are ranking X of Y and not the entire list. (SP-2225)
  • Simple Grids
    • Response Groups are now available for response grouping within this question type which is now consistent with other questions. (SP-2247)
    • You can now add text in the top left cell of a Grid should you need to add text there for any reason. (SP-2246)
    • Don't Know options have also been adjusted to work better using Grids. (SP-2244)
    • Test Data Generation has been enhanced for Grids so individual show/skip formulas can be tested with more reliability. (SP-2216) 
    • We have also made some updates to the way 'specify' items work in grids. If you selected a cell with a specify option, you will be forced to enter a response. In addition, your specify box will be cleared if you select another option. (SP-2258)
  • Data Validation Tool
    • A great enhancement here allows you to review live data within the tool. Prior to this release you could only review test data. This will help when reviewing soft launch data. (SP-2252)
  • Quotas
    • When adding quotas within the Build & Edit Tool, you will see the the default orientation setting is now set to 'Row' for each item. This will make it easier/faster to add your quotas. (SP-2254)
    • Numeric variables which you could not use for quotas are no longer available to the user.(SP-2251)
    • If you were in the Build & Edit Tool you now have the ability to both add a new quota and remove an existing one at the same time. (SP-2270)
    • The Quotas Tab on the Dashboard has been revamped to more easily review and understand fielding status. (SP-2276)  
  • File Upload
    • We have streamlined the 'File Upload' section of the tool. Video previews now show a black preview icon instead of attempting to preview the video. (SP-2241)

Bug Fixes

  • Concept Looping Variables
    • Concept Loop Variables are now generated and set in numeric order. This allows questions to appear in the correct order within the Data. This allows you to have a one to one match for order and structure. Prior to this release these variables were created in an odd order causing confusion when creating data maps/layouts (SP-1977)
  • Formulas
    • If you were trying to use and filter columns using an inverse formula such as !( TRY(...)) within Complex Grid Columns, the response list would properly be hidden but the header itself would remain. In this scenario, the entire column should be hidden but you would only see a header row. (SP-2243)
  • Quotas
    • When using the Quota Bulk Edit Tool and you pasted in more numbers than existed in the list, the page would crash. This is now fixed. (SP-2217)
    • When utilizing a quota grid without quota limits, the counts would not populate on the Quotas Tab on the Dashboard. (SP-2268)
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