2017.11.15 - Release Notes - 306 (v8.1.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 306 (v8.1.0) 
Release Date: 2017.11.15

New Features

  • We have added a number of new features to the 'Validate Data Tool'
    • You now have the ability to view formulas on Logic Block Pages within the tool 
    • Formulas are now viewable at the Question level
    • Formulas are now viewable at the Response level
    • You can now filter data by a single test data run. This will allow you to review test data basic on that specific data. 


  • We have made an enhancement to the Codebook/Review Outline that will allow you to see if there are any errors tied to formulas, filters and skip patterns. This will make life easier when attempting to troubleshoot system errors that may occur while testing as well as when performing quality checks via the Codebook/Review Outline tool. (SP-2174)
  • We have also made adjustments to Quotas on the Dashboard for larger surveys. This will allow the quotas to both load faster and save faster as well. (SP-2197 / SP-2210)
  • We have made a number of enhancements to the 'Validate Data Tool' including: 
    • UI Changes:
      • There is now a Totals Row which appears above all rows 
      • Counts/Percentages are now on the left of their respective tables for easier readability
      • Numeric Questions now show the Min, Max, and Average for each of its responses. This allows the user to more easily review bases sizes and filtering
      • Grids now nest their subquestions for viewing pleasure 
    • Error Handling/Messaging: 
      • If test data is not generated you will get an error message to that effect. 
      • The tool now works better with Page Logic to help account for more scenarios if logic is utilized in that manner
  • We made some updates to the Survey Import/Export
    • Additional settings are now available within the tool
  • A Quota Bulk Edit enhancement has been made that will highlight a cell red if a non-numeric value has been entered. This helps alert the user quickly to an invalid value.

Bug Fixes

  • If the overall survey quota is not set or empty, the quota bulk edit screen would not work. This was preventing the use of this feature. Once the overall quota was entered and the system refreshed, the quota bulk edit feature was then fully available. This has now been accounted for and you should have no issues using the feature. (SP-2209)
  • When attempting to insert a question from the library and then cancelling the request, the question name was being treated as though it was existing in the survey. (SP-2160)
  • If you had a formula containing html, it would render in test mode instead of showing the plain text. It now renders the plain text only. (SP-2222)
  • We made some updates to the Grid Question type 
    • Allowing more accurate test data generation specifically to account for the conditional hiding of rows and/or columns. (SP-2216)
    • When generating test data, the settings hierarchy now works from the overall question down to the individual subquestions. Prior to this fix, if a specific row/column was skipped, the entire grid would not generate test data. (SP-2219)
    • Overall 'Enable' function did not work. This has been corrected. (SP-1934)
  • Complex Grid test data generation did not account for 'Always Show'. (SP-1946)
  • If you added a question from a Questions Library, you were not able to delete it should you change your mind. (SP-2232)
  • When using the Quota Bulk Edit, if you were setting a quota column or quota row to blank/nothing, it would cause all regular quotas within that row/column to be deleted. This has now been adjust so your other quotas will not be impacted. 
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