Cmix Survey Clip Setup

This article will show you how to install the Cmix Survey Clip for NoteTab. 


Once installed and setup, the 'Survey Clip' will allow you to quickly update your 'Definition File' for upload and integration in to Cmix. There are a few easy steps to follow below to help you get started.


  1. Download and install NoteTab.  Any version will work.
  2. Download and install Python 3.6.3.
    1. Select Customize Installation
    2. Click Next on the Optional Features screen leaving the default settings.
    3. On the Advanced Options screen, enter "C:\Python" under Customize install location.  
    4. Click Install.
  3. Download Cmix-Survey.clb   
    1. Copy this file to the Libraries folder of your NoteTab installation (i.e C:\NoteTab Light\Libraries)
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