Complex Grid: Radio Row - Radio Buttons - Show one at a time

This article will help you create a Complex Grid Radio Row Grid showing each row one at a time


You may want a way to program a Grid question with row level attributes. This article will show you how to program a Complex Grid with Radio Row sub-questions. 

Click here to see an example

Complex Grid: Radio Row - Radio Buttons - Show one at a time

  1. Add a 'Complex Grid' question to your survey
  2. Build your grid with as many headers and/or responses as you need
  3. Create your sub-question within the Complex Grid
    • NOTE: This ONLY supports Radio Row formatting 
  4. Add the following to the 'ADD JAVASCRIPT' section of your question
    jQuery("").each(function () {
    	jQuery(this).find("input[type='radio']").change(function () {
  5. Add the following to the 'ADD CSS' section of your question. {
    	display: none;
  6. As always, make sure to test and confirm everything looks the way you intend
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