Survey Settings Overview

This article will show you how to access the Survey Settings section of your survey 


The 'Survey Settings' section will allow you to control the overall settings for your survey. This includes Sample Sources, Locales, Default Text and a few others. 

Access Survey Settings

  1. Access the 'Build & Edit' Tool
  2. Click on 'Survey Settings' in the tree to expand all of cards available

  3. Within the 'Survey Settings' menu, click on option you want to update and the card will open in the main screen

    • Manage Survey - This card allows you to update survey status and review any of the links setup for the survey
    • Theme - Allows you to review and customize the theme for your survey
    • File Upload - This card allows you to upload files such as images and video to be used within your survey
    • Localization - Allows you to review and customize the locales for your survey. This is key in the translations process.
    • Default Text - Houses all of the default text for you survey such as standard error messages
    • Sample Sources & End Pages - Provides the ability to review and customize recruiters 
    • Quotas - Allows you to review and update Overall Quotas as well as Quota Pages
    • Termination Codes - Houses the list of all termination codes programmed within the survey
    • Lookups - Provides the ability to upload csv files to be used within your survey using formula syntax. 
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