2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 306 (v7.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 306 (v7.0.0)

New Features

  • We have enhanced our Fingerprinting capabilities by adding a master switch to turn Fingerprinting on or off for all sample sources at once. This will help make the sample recruitment process smoother for all involved. 
  • We added the ability for users to program skips using both Skip Logic and Display logic. This will help lessen the burden of trying to inverse skip logic based on the way its written in the qre. 
  • There is a new tool called 'Validate Data' that will allow you to generate test data with saved templates and filters to help you quality check your survey at any time. It will show you counts and percents for the questions/variables you request


  • We have updated the look and feel of the Survey Authoring Tool as part of our pattern library updates. This will allow us to have a more consistent and user friendly navigation experience
  • In the 'Numeric' question type, you did not have the ability to use the built in settings to help control what was entered in an other specify box. This functionality is now available for you to utilize in this question type as needed. 

Bug Fixes

  • In the 'Grid' question type, there were a couple of typos which have been adjusted. 
  • Within 'Loops', on occasion, you would try to add a loop to a section but it did not work. This issue has been resolved. 
  • If you were trying to use randomizations within the 'Drag and Drop Bucket' question type, you could not use a reverse order function. 
  • While trying to use the Question Level Skip Logic functionality, on any question type the ADVANCED tab would sporadically not be available. This has been corrected. 
  • The HTML Editor would strip out line returns within the 'Complex Grid' question type when using the 'Mobile Smart' feature. This has been accounted for and will help text wrap easier when needed.  
  • When using V2 themes containing 'Radio' and/or 'Checkbox' questions, if you had a response with enough text to wrap, it would get centered by default. These have been adjusted to be left aligned by default unless you use css to override the formatting.
  • On overall question settings throughout the Survey Authoring Tool, we have added some padding below each menu so the Knowledge Base search icon will not overlap settings
  • When creating responses, if you hit enter twice, it was possible to get the same response value twice. This has been resolved. 
  • If you renamed a question within the SAT and this question had an 'Other Specify' and/or a 'Don't Know', they would become choices and the 'Other Specify' and/or a 'Don't Know' would be removed and you would have to recreate it. 
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