Script: Add a Print Button

This article will help you Add a Print Button 


You may need to add a print button to a survey so respondents can easily print out items. 

  • Examples of why you would need to do this are: 
    • If you have rules for a contest or giveaway
    • You are providing gift codes and want the respondent to be able to print it so they do not forget

Adding a Print Button

  1. Turn on the ability to print on the specific page you need this functionality on. 
  2. Access the 'Build & Edit' Tool for Authoring/Programming and open the question card for the specific page you want to add the print functionality to. 
  3. Click on the HTML Editor icon tied to the question card you wish to display the Print button 
  4. Access the Source Code Editor (</>)
    • See Article: Source Code Editor
    • While in the Source Code Editor, add the following code in the location desired and update the print button text as needed
      <button onclick="myFunction()">CLICK HERE TO PRINT</button> 
      function myFunction() {
  5. You are done. Make sure to test and adjust accordingly, if needed. 
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