2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 304 (v6.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 304 (v6.0.0)

New Features

  • Built in integration of Real Answer into the CMIX System. We now have a question type called 'Real Answer' that allows real time open end quality checks based on the standards of Real Answer. 
  • Concepts now have the ability to balance by position per logic block. This allows you to prioritize positions in a concept assignment.
  • The Clear Question/Clear Variable Logic action now has an associated toggle that will also clear the randomization for that data point.
  • Termination of respondents by unique Digital Fingerprint can now be turned on/off on a sample source basis.
  • Translation import/export has options now to export all locales with a single click into a single zip file. Content can also be optionally deduped and a reference locale can be included to each file downloaded.


  • The 'Passcode' question type now allows resume if a passcode the has previously entered the survey is being entered. Prior to this, if the same passcode was being entered then the respondent would automatically terminate. 
  • Test Data generation now includes an individual respondent level status with additional details. 

Bug Fixes

  • You can now evaluate Segmentation Algorithms using Logic Block Pages. Prior to this release you could only do so using page logic
  • Formulas that are attached to Library Questions are either repaired or invalidated upon import into the new destination survey. If the data reference does not exist in the new destination survey, the formula will be blanked out.
  • In V2 theme for the survey delivery, "Other specify" box spacing was missing in checkbox questions.
  • On test data generation, the one-of-each setting on numeric questions was not being taken into account.
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