Generating Test Data

This article will show you how to Generate Test Data without having to test through manually. 


Creating 'Test Data' is one of the easiest ways to help check a survey for Quality Assurance purposes. This will help verify different items within your survey such as skip patterns and termination points. This data is system generated based on the specs provided so you do not have to test manually a ton. 

Generating Test Data

Follow the steps below to generate test data (also called dummy data). 

  1. Access the 'Validate Data Tool'
  2. Click on '+ Test Data' to begin this process

  3. Enter your specifics into the fields 
    1. Test Run Name - Is a name you can provide to save the shell of your generated data
    2. Max Respondents - is the number of total respondents you want to have run
    3. Max Completes - is the number of actual completes you need to review
    4. Template - This is an optional field. You can one of 2 choices: 
      • Leave this field blank for random answers throughout your test run
      • Use a saved 'Test Data Template' by selecting it from the drop-down
    5. Click on the 'Generate Data' button when you are done
  4. Based on the Test Run you just create you will get an indicator on your test data generation progress

  5. If you have any errors and terminations, they will show up at the bottom of the screen. If you click on the link it will expand them for review. This can help you adjust your 'Test Data Template'.

  6. This will be followed up by the final status and the ability to close this window

  7. Your totals will appear and the data will now appear at the bottom of the screen. 

  8. Since you now have this 'Test Data Run' created, you can click 'Run More' to generate more data using the same specifications, if needed.

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