Real Answer

This article will show you how to incorporate 'Real Answer' into your survey


'Real Answer' is a third party open end data quality tool which has been integrated into our Scripting Tool (Cmix) as a built in question type. This will allow users to have real time data cleaning tied to open end responses.  

The utilization of this feature does have additional cost implications. Please see your Account Manager for more information. 

The following is a list of all the currently supported languages associated with the 'Real Answer' API:

ISO Code Language
EN English
ZH-CHS Chinese - Simplified
ZH-CHT Chinese - Traditional
PT Portuguese
DE German
ES Spanish
FR French
NL Dutch
SV Swedish
NN Norwegian
RU Russia
IT Italian
JA Japanese
PL Polish
KO Korean
TR Turkish
DA Danish
FI Finnish
TH Thai
MS Malay
HU Hungarian
RO Romanian
SK Slovak
ID Indonesian
CS Czech
BG Bulgarian
VI Vietnamese
AR Arabic

Already Have a 'Real Answer' Account

If you have an existing 'Real Answer' account, you can link your account to Cmix by adding your login information to the Company Settings Page for a direct linkage. 

Add a Question: Real Answer 

  1. Before you start, please review the following article: 
  2. The 'New Question' box will then appear
    1. Edit the question number if necessary. 
    2. Select 'Advanced' from the Question menu
    3. Select 'Real Answer' 
    4. Click 'Create'
  3. The Real Answer question card will appear on the main screen. You can add your Question Text and/or Instructional Text. 

Real Answer Variables

For each 'Real Answer' question you add, a corresponding text variable will be created with a number of sub-variables. Lets say your Real Answer question is named "Q_Test3", your corresponding text variable will be called "Q_Test3_RA". 

These sub-variables will hold the: 

  • RAS (Real Answer Score) in position 1.  This is a number from 0 (negative) - 100 (positive). A RAS score of 60 or higher is considered a passing score.  
  • All the other sub-variables are binary variables (0=pass/1=fail) for each specific item.

Its important to note that these sub-variables are all strings. So if you do need to use them in any manually created logic statements, you will need to refer to the value as either "0" or "1". 

Question Settings

Access the Overall Question Settings within the question in order to customize the setup as needed. 

Below are a list of settings which can be utilized in order to conditionalize the usage of your open end:

  1. LENGTH RANGE - Allows you select an allowable character limit in the open end
  2. SUPPRESS SIMILARITY - A respondent will be termed for a repetitive answer within the open end. This will look across all the respondents, not just the specific respondent. 
  3. LANGUAGE CODE - If you are running your survey in multiple languages, you will need to create one Real Answer question for each corresponding language. Though CMIX allows you to conduct/program in any language, Real Answer has a specific list of supported languages. You will have to update this drop-down for each specific question/per language. 
  4. ENGAGED LENGTH - Allows you to enter a minimum number of words to enter. If this length is not met, this will negatively impact your RAS Score. 
  5. TERMINATE ON FAILING RAS SCORE - If your RAS (Real Answer Score) is less than 60, the respondent will term if this toggle is turned on. 
  6. TERMINATE IF ROBOT - If this toggle is turned on and the answers submitted are considered to be a robot based on the Real Answer criteria, you will also term 

Important Notes for Troubleshooting

  • You can only have one 'Real Answer' Question on a single page. If you have more than one, make sure they are on separate pages. 
    • Example: If you are using 'Real Answer' in different languages within the same survey, you will need to program them once for each language AND each one will have to be programmed on its own page. 
  • The 'Real Answer' question type is currently NOT supported when using 'Concept Loops'. 
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