2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 219 (v2.21.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 219 (v2.21.0) 


  • Ability to use the TAB key to navigate responses while on the SAT: When a user presses the TAB key, while on a response field, it changes focus the next available response. If SHIFT + TAB is pressed, focus is changed to the previous response if there is one
  • Improving the SURVEY_RESPONSE formula so that it only gets data for the same respondent type as the  current respondent (LIVE / TEST). Also allowing it to return the first (oldest) occurrence if there are multiple results for the given lookup value. Fixed an issue that caused direct piping of this function to result in the string ARRAY instead of the fetched value.

Bug Fixes

  • Data Download would fail to produce a data file if a randomization output resulted in more than 4000 characters.
  • In the Data Download layout creator, editing an existing file, which had alternate labels, would result in the alternate labels not being displayed. However, they were being used correctly for generating the file.
  • Customized CSS files were conflicting with the new styling for the survey loading animation.
  • Concept description would not update in the SAT, and the order of the blocks could be displayed incorrectly in the Codebook.
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