2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 220 (v3.0.1)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 220 (v3.0.1) 

New Features

  • New formula functions to get quota limits. For this, the following three formulas were developed: 
    • QUOTA ( RESPONSE ) - Will return the current quota for the given response.
    • Note: RESPONSE, ROW_RESPONSE, and COLUMN_RESPONSE must either give a specific response, or just the QUESTION|VARIABLE identifier. In the second scenario the current respondent's response will be used.


  • When creating a new concept, changed the prompt from "Evaluation Concept" to "Use Legacy Concept".

Bug Fixes

  • When displaying the stats for a question with more than 1 Don't Know response that are not sequential(separated by non-Don't Know responses), the data was displayed in the incorrect cells.
  • Updated the calls for adding/removing group and user permissions to confirm that the user who is performing the action has the permission they are trying to grant.
  • When opening a variable card with enough content to enable scrolling, mouse movement was automatically triggering the scrollbar to move (without having clicked on the scroll bar).
  • In Page logic, an error was preventing users from specifying new conditions if the referenced formula didn't exist anymore.
  • When a "batch" of rows for a split grid contains questions that are not-required, then the display logic would skip those rows.
  • The Codebook was not currently displaying the logic for the new concept setup.
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