2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 220 (v3.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 220 (v3.0.0) 

New Features

  • New concept interface and functionality:
    • Focus on easier setup of priorities. Priorities are now ordered from top to bottom from most important to least important. 
    • Changes filters to qualification blocks instead, which now starts as "no concept" selected.
    • Possible to now select how to break ties when using "Least filled" or "balance" prioritization types.
  • In order for the survey platform to be more flexible, it now has an engine that allows Survey Programmers to build their own back-end processing logic.
    • The SAT now offers a new Logic block that goes inside of a section, as if it was a page.
    • This logic block allow users to upload a script that will then be ran at that point in the survey.
    • The script can be currently written for Node.js, in the JavaScript language
  • First release of a new more friendly REST API endpoint, which will allow for better integrations
  • For Slider type questions, we now have settings for  of the displaying the slider value to the left or right slider. The formatting of the value has also been enhanced to make it more visible.
  • Comment boxes can now be enabled for Image Highlighter exercises. Comment boxes appear when a user highlights a part of the image on the survey.
  • New Coordinate Tracker question type, which allows comments. The coordinate tracker allows respondents to click anywhere on an image, specifying a "reaction" and a comment.
  • Updated the look-and-feel of the project Dashboard. Changed to a tab system to display all project information, with the following tabs:
    • General: Totals, Incidence, Times to Complete, Web Browsers
    • Terms and Dropouts: Termination Report, Top Abandon Points
    • Quotas
    • QA: Survey Codebook, Test Data Generation
    • Links
    • Controls: Survey Programmers, Billing (CX Number, Customer/Client), Survey Access
    • Logs
    • Graphs: Completes/Incidence by Day
  • On the SAT when editing a question, there is now separate CSS field. Any a styles inside only affect the current question.
  • On the SAT when editing a question, there is now separate JavaScript field. Any a code inside runs automatically when the page finishes loading, without having to wrap the function on a onPageLoad callback
  • A question/variable can now be selected as a reference to specify value labels on a Numeric Variable. This is especially useful for concept looping in which storing collected values in a variable would not be useful if we can't have labels for the values being stored


  • SAT Navigation enhancements:
    • Pages are now collapsible/expandable.
    • Pages can be dragged without having to click on the drag icon and have more visual feedback.
  • Previously, in questions with columns, when the number of responses was not divisible by the number of columns the leftover spaces were not distributed correctly along the bottom row. This feature ensures that the leftover spaces are distributed at the very end of the bottom row.
  • Several launchpad improvements:
    • Added a drop-down menu on project click with direct links to the different tools.
    • Expanded the project list to full width.
    • Adding a column for 'Today', which is total completes the day thus far.
    • Separate client filter.
    • My projects checkbox to filter out only projects where the current user is the primary/secondary programmer.
  • Inputs are now sized based on the largest maximum allowed input of the responses within the same question.
  • Improved the grid question column sizing algorithm when delivering the survey to respondents
  • The running total field - and its labels - now align correctly with the rest of the question when delivering the survey to respondents.
  • The look and feel of the CMIX login page has been updated to fit the rest of the application.
  • The color theme of the SAT was changed to match the company colors.

Bug Fixes

  • The filter bar would sometimes display funny and did not update if you resized the screen.
  • When numeric inputs have left labels, the "don't know" check-boxes did not align properly.
  • When a grid's running total setting was configured incorrectly the Codebook would break.
  • Page logic errors now output the error message associated with the failure, as well as the page number associated with the logic, not the last page the respondent saw.
  • In single cell grid sub-questions (for instance drop-downs and highlighters), content was not replacing piped formulas.
  • For grids with mobile smart enabled, when a response was not given, the survey didn't jump back on submit to the sub-question with missing responses.
  • The require response settings for GRID subquestions would not display in the Codebook
  • While generating test data, the lookup functionality would fail while being used in a big loop
  • The Clear Question action in logic statements was rendering as code in the codebook
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