2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 301 (v5.0.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: 301 (v5.0.0) 

New Features

  • Lookup files uploaded in the SAT can now also be downloaded. The download will also include a columnwhich indicates whether a record was already flagged as used by the survey logic
  • Quota checks can now be added with the new Quota Pages. These can have their own quota definition tables which are checked independently of each other
  • New question type which allows to show a "passcode" field to the respondents, and only allow Passcode them to continue, if found in a predefined list
  • New 'Grid' question type
    • Allows for sharing response lists for both columns and rows and keeps the structure in sync. 
    • Choose a grid question type: radio, checkbox, numeric or text
    • You can now first define the orientation: horizontal or vertical
    • Note: Existing grids can now be found under "Advanced Questions"  Complex Grids.
    • View Article: Add a Question: Grid
  • You can now add surveys to your "Favorites" which you can then filter by on the launchpad.
  • In the SAT, a new UI for specifying question skip logic has been added. This is a point & click interface which allows you to create simple conditions.
  • In the SAT, there's now the possibility to add questions at any place in the survey from the question creation window
  • In the CMIX dashboard, you can now search through the knowledge base and even send a message/ticket through the floating help desk icon.


  • In the SAT, the buttons to add questions, pages and sections have now been condensed and changed toicons to allow for easier access
  • In the SAT, when in single card mode, the card will now attempt to fill as much as the screen as required by it's own content.
  • Question libraries have been grouped into Favorites, Your Libraries and shared by other users. Search by name for both libraries and templates has also been included. Permissions were reworked to be clearer.
  • For data downloads, the variable labeling and sizing has been corrected to reflect looping. Variable naming consistency have also been improved in the new grid question type.
  • The HTML Editor will now replace common MS Word smart characters with their standard counterparts
    • Note: this feature had been deployed on a previous release but was rolled-back due to a bug
  • The Dashboard color scheme has been further improved for a consistent look & feel across the platform

Bug Fixes

  • Formulas of the form VARIABLE:TEXT will now transform back correctly when used in the new concept screen. Other places in the application will soon follow.
  • In the Codebook, new page logic pages didn't have a "jump" link to the variable definition
  • CX Numbers couldn't be deleted from the Dashboard.
  • Bulk updater would display an error when using CID to update, or when updating the TEST_YN column even though the data was correctly processed.
  • In the SAT, when selecting a page in skip logic, no content would be shown in the drop-downs.
  • When skip logic conditions were redirecting to the same page the respondent was in, the filters for the currently displayed questions/responses are now being reevaluated in case there were changes.
  • Data download layouts would sometimes include an item for grid questions even when there was no corresponding data being collected.
  • In the SAT, Highlight states couldn't be reordered.
  • When testing as a respondent and using the skip to "question/page" functionality, sometimes it would skip to the wrong position even if no logic had been triggered.
  • Some places which displayed question content, like the navigation tree, page logic, and quotas were not sanitizing the HTML so it was displayed.
  • There was no validation that files were of CSV or TXT type for lookups in the SAT.
  • The bulk edit option has been removed from static element type questions.
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