Shared Lists

This article will show you how you can utilize the 'Shared List' Feature for easier survey programming 


While programming a survey you may encounter a scenario where you have a response list that is used multiple times throughout your survey. The 'Shared List' feature will allow you to quickly and easily share or duplicate lists across variables, questions and concepts.

How use a Shared List

  1. Program your response list the first time in either a question, variable or concept. In this example, I am starting with a question (Q_Test1) with 9 responses 

  2. Start to program you next question, variable or concept. In this example, I programmed a checkbox question (Q_Test2). Then click on the 'Use Shared List' button. 

  3. The next window that appears will allow you to search for the question, variable or concept you wish to share lists with. Simply start typing in the name of the question, variable or concept and select it from the list when it appears. In this case I want to share the list with Q_Test1. 
  4. Depending on the question type, you may be given the ability to 'Filter Responses'. This allows you to quickly add logic to this new question in order to hide options right away by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. You will always be able to modify this filter by using the 'Overall Question Settings' 

  5. Click 'Create' once you have selected the item you want to share with

  6. This window will close and you will be sent back to the card you were on. Notice that the 'Shared List' has now changed. It is now bold and is not contained within a button. This indicates it is sharing a list with another question, variable or concept. 

Updating a Shared List

  1. Simply go into any question, variable or concept and update your list by adding more or updating the text or formatting of the existing list;

  2. Once you update one of these lists, they will all be updated

Cloning a Shared List

  1. Go into the question, variable or concept you wish to clone the Shared List from and click on the three dots 

  2. Click on the 'Switch to Clone' option. This will copy and paste the full list but remove the linkage so that its now its own independent list which will have to be updated manually as needed. It can even be used for another 'Shared List' if needed to pipe in a specify option or to remove an opt out. 

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