Themes: Creating a Custom Theme

This article will show you how to Create a Custom Theme 

Creating a Custom Theme

  1. Access the Theme Card in the 'Build & Edit' Tool
    1. See Article: Themes: Accessing the Theme Card
  2. Select the 'Base Style' you want to work with. Based on this selection, the available themes will change
    • V1 - The original Theme CSS Card. 
    • V2 - A refactored Theme CSS Card with additional notes and table of contents to help you find the sections you may want to update
  3. Select a theme from the different categories
    1. Theme Library - Available theme templates 
    2. Survey Themes - Themes saved to this survey only
    3. Shared Themes - Themes that have been shared on a company level for the entire organization to use
  4.  Click 'Activate' on the theme you would like to start from

  5. The theme chosen will now appear as the 'Active Theme' at the top of the Theme Card

  6.  Click '</> Edit CSS' to view/modify the theme as needed

  7. If you are using a theme from the 'Theme Library' you can 'Share to Company' , 'Cancel' and/or 'Save as New Theme'

  8. If you are using one of the 'Survey Themes' or 'Shared Themes', you will also be able to 'Share to Company' , 'Cancel', 'Update' and/or 'Save as New Theme'

  9. You will then be given a confirmation screen. 

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