2017.01.01 - Release Notes - 303 (v5.2.0)

Below are the Release Notes for version: v5.2.0 

New Features

  • Data download layouts can now be exported to/imported from XLSX files. The download page has also been redesigned for ease of use.
  • New Theme Features:
    • There's now an available improved "V2" default theme for survey delivery, together with improved red/blue versions as well. 
    • Themes now don't remove previous versions on save, but instead save a new copy every time to prevent older studies from losing a custom shared theme.
  • On the survey dashboard's QA tab, you can now see the number of questions that a survey has.
  • In the Dashboard, a new "Company settings" page has been added that allows a user to modify client settings such as logo, integration credentials (such as RealAnswer), etc.
  • On the SAT, bulk edit of responses is now allowed for concepts and variables.
  • On the SAT, shared lists can now be selected on concepts.
  • Added a new logic function called 'Call Webhook' 


  • Prior to this release, if you had a video in your study it may start to play when you open the Codebook. An enhancement has been made to ensure this will not be the case. This will aid in Codebook and Browser loading times. 

Bug Fixes

  • In the Data Download Layout tool, optional values couldn't be cleared.
  • The 'Bulk Quota Edit' on SAT would behave erratically when modifying multiple items. Quota check pages were not taking Logic Block pages into account for checking if a variable/concept had been set, thus making them unavailable to check quotas.
  • On the dashboard, when filtering by test respondents, quota counts wouldn't show for new page quotas. This will allow you to see how test data would work while trying to fill quotas. 
  • The formula, COUNT_ITEMS now works for the 'Image Highlighter' question type. Prior to this release, this formula did not work with this question type. 
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