Export Files: Data File Types

This article will show you how to Export Data Files


Downloading data is a very simple process. You can access any and all data at any time. There are also a variety of file formats and additional options available to you.

Exporting Data

  1. Access 'Export Files'
  2. If you want to create a 'Data Layout' you can do so as well
  3. The first thing you will want to do is select your 'File Type'. 

    1. The following are the available 'File Types'
      • Data File Types
        • CSV (default)
        • CSV Stacked
        • ASCII
        • SPSS
        • Coordinates 
        • CSV Datamap
        • Tab Datamap
        • XLSX Readable
        • Triple S - CSV
        • Triple S - ASCII
      • Structure File Types
        • Word Survey Definition
  4. Select and or create a 'Layout' as needed 
  5. Select the applicable 'Data Type' to Include: 
    1. The following are the available options:
      • Live (default)
      • Test
      • All
  6. Add a 'File Name', if applicable. This is not required. 
  7. You also have optional date fields you can use as well 

    1. NOTE: The 'Start Date' and 'End Date' are not a range. They are mutually exclusive filters.
  8. Select the 'Survey Status' options you would like included in your export by using the corresponding toggles

  9. You can also use the 'Response Query' field to filter your export further using a formula based on our logic syntax
    1. See article: Logic Syntax
  10. Click on the 'Generate' button 

  11. Once you click 'Generate' your file will end up in the 'Data Files' Queue at the bottom of the page. Once you see the 'Progress' is "Ready" you will then see the 'Download' button on the far right. 

  12. Click on the 'Download' button on the far right and the file will be downloaded to your device 

    1. Please Note:
      • This download will remain in the 'Data Files' Queue unless a user clicks on the 'Delete' button for that specific export
      • Each export is a snapshot in time. If you go back to the list and click on the 'Download' button it will be the exact file which was exported initially. It will NOT update and add any additional new data which has been collected. 

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