Videos: Web Optimizing

This article will show you how to web optimize your video. 

Download the Handbrake Software

In order to compress and format videos, we recommend downloading the Handbrake software and following the steps below. This will help load times within the survey. 

  1. Go to the following link and download the Handbrake Software:

Convert Your Video

  1. Open Handbrake
  2. Select your source video using the 'Source' button  
  3. Set the destination of the encoded video using the 'File' box. Normally you will set this to your desktop or folder of your choice. This is where the video will be stored after its been compressed/optimized. 
  4. From the 'Presets', select the 'iPhone &iPod touch' presets
    1. If the iPhone/iPod Touch setting squishes your video and you are not allowing mobile devices, use the 'Regular: Normal' setting 
  5. Adjust the video quality
    1. Go to the 'Video' tab
    2. In the 'Quality' section, set the 'Constant Quality' of 20 (good) to 25 (decent). This feature automatically sets a good video quality for your video. 
  6. Make sure to select MP4 from the 'Container' drop-down. 
  7. Check the 'Web Optimized' checkbox. It ensures the metadata of your video is written at the start so Flash can swiftly see its duration and dimensions. 
  8. Click the 'Start' button and you will see the encoding begin 
  9. Now you can upload your video and use it in your survey
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