Next Page Button: Update Text

This article will show you how to update the Next Page button text  

Update the Next Page Button Text for 1 Screen 

Follow the steps below to set this up:

  1. Add the question(s) needed onto the page
  2. Within a question on that page, click on 'ADD JAVASCRIPT' 
  3. Add the code below and update the text to what you need for this screen   
    jQuery('#cm-NextButton').text("LET'S BEGIN"); /* UPDATE THE TEXT IN QUOTES */
  4. Click on the 'SAVE' button 
  5. Make sure to test

Update the default Next Page button text 

To update the default 'Next Page' button text, follow these steps:

  1. While in the Survey Authoring Tool (SAT), click on 'SURVEY SETTINGS' on the left
  2. Then click on 'DEFAULT TEXT' 
  3. On the 'DEFAULT TEXT' card, change the text in the 'NEXT PAGE BUTTON' field. This will change the default on all pages to this text. 
  4. NOTE: If you are trying to update the text on just one screen (previous section), that will override the default for that 1 page
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