Activity Log

This article will show you the features of the Activity Log


The 'Activity Log' will allow users to review any activity that has occurred on a specific project. It contains information such as: 

  • Access to specific areas
  • Changes to Quotas
  • Survey creation

Accessing the Activity Log

  • Access the 'Survey Dashboard'
  • Click on 'Activity Log' on the left. The 'Activity Log' will open up in the main screen.

Search Events

You can also filter events using a simple text string. 

  1. Type in the information in the search field
  2. Click on the 'Magnifying Glass'. This is the search button
  3. Any items that match your criteria will then appear

Filtering the Event Log

You can also use some of the predefined filters. 

  1. Click on the drop-down to select one of the predefined groups. 
  2. The list consists of the following.
    • CTABS - CTAB Audit Functions
    • PROGRAMMING - Programming Audit Functions 
    • DATA ACCESS - Data Downloading and Access
    • MANUAL UPDATES - Data Updates via BULK or manual
    • SYSTEM - System level access and functions
    • TASK - Tasks and Task Comments
    • CONTENT - Survey Content
  3. The list will then be filtered based on your selection 

Viewing Individual Events:

Events that create or update a value, such as creating/updating survey content or changing the status of a task, will have additional information about that event available in the Event Log Entry view. You can access this view by clicking 'view' on the event log row.

  1. Filter your list if needed
  2. Click on the button on the far right in the corresponding row

  3. You will then see any additional information tied to the event

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