Survey Testing Tools: Getting the Test / Live Link

This article will show you how to get the Survey Test & Live Link 

Getting the Test / Live Link

You can get the test and the live link from a couple of different places:

  • From the Survey Links under the 'Fielding' section:
    1. All test and live links will appear in the main screen
    2. Click on 2 boxes to copy the chosen link

  • From the Survey Build & Edit Tool 
    1. Click on 'Survey Settings' on the left
    2. Then click on the 'Manage Survey' card
    3. While in the 'Manage Survey' card, check the 'TEST?' check box to convert to the live link into a test link
    4. The live or the test link (based on the 'TEST?' check box being used or not) will appear for each Sample Source and Locale under the 'Link' column

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