Survey Testing Tools: Auto Fill

This article will show you how to use 'Auto Fill' to quickly make it through your survey if needed

Please review the following articles if you have not already:

What is Auto Fill?

Auto Fill allows you to randomly answer questions quickly to test surveys in a timely manner.

NOTE: Currently the following question types are supported but we will be expanding this to all question types:

  • Radio 
  • Checkbox 
  • Numeric 
  • Text 
  • Slider 
  • Simple Grid 
  • Complex Grid 
  • Dropdown

Auto Fill a Question

Follow the steps below to 'Auto Fill' a specific question:

  1. Click on the 'Auto Fill' button next to the question number you would like randomly answered. 
  2. Review your answers
  3. Click on the 'NEXT' button to continue when you are ready

Auto Fill the Page

Follow the steps below to Auto Fill all the questions on the page:

  1. Click on the 'Auto Fill Page & Continue' button within the 'Testing Tools Menu'
    1. This feature works for most question types
  2. Once you click 'Auto Fill Page & Continue', all questions that can be randomly answered will be and the 'NEXT' button will automatically be submitted for
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