Survey Testing Tools: Skip To

This article will show you how to 'Skip to' a question or page of your choice

Please review the following articles if you have not already:

Skip to a Specific Question While Testing

Follow the steps below skip to a specific question:

  1. Select 'Question' from the 'Skip to' drop down OR Type in the question number you would like to skip to. (Note: this is case sensitive)
  2. Remember you may need to answer prior question if there are associated skips/filtering
  3. Once you select/type in the question, the next window will allow you to pick how you would like to proceed:
    1. 'Instant' will allow you to skip without auto-filling questions
    2. 'Auto-Fill' will generate test data for the questions prior to the one you requested. If you have Test Data Templates, you can utilize them here as well. 

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