Tasks: Accessing the Task List

This article will show you how to access the Task List 

Accessing the Task List

Accessing the Task List is very simple since its available in three places; it will also be indicated by indicated by the icon below:

  1. The 'Tasks' section on the 'Survey Dashboard'
    1. While on the Survey Dashboard, click on 'Tasks' on the left. This will show you ALL tasks for the entire survey in the main screen. 
  2. The 'Build & Edit' Tool
    1. While in the 'Build & Edit' Tool, click on the Tasks icon and the Task List will pop up for you in the middle of the screen
    2. This will show you ALL tasks for the entire survey
  3. While Testing the survey
    1. While testing the survey, click on the 'Edit/Add Tasks' button on the 'Testing Tools Menu'. This will give you access to ALL Tasks that have been added in the survey. It will also allow you to add new 'Tasks' as well.
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