Translations: Instructions for Translators

This article will show you the steps needed to help get you a translations file to be ready to be translated and uploaded. 

Instructions for Translators

Send an email to the Translators with all of the Excel documents attached. Also be sure to include the instructions for the translator below:

To translate the excel documents:

  1. Please do NOT touch anything in Column A, B or C.
  2. Translate EVERYTHING from column C into column D.
  3. If there is no translation for that particular item, place the English into column D.
  4. DO NOT leave anything blank in column D unless it was blank in column C.
  5. Please be sure there are no line returns in column D.
  6. Any word/phrase in brackets [[ ]] or {{ }} will be replaced by the program with numbers or text and must appear in the proper grammatical location of a translated phrase (don't translate these)
  7. Anything in pointy brackets <> is an HTML formatting command and must be preserved (don't translate - but you may need to move for grammatical accuracy)
  8. Do not add or delete rows even if they do not pertain to a particular country.
  9. Please return each spreadsheet with column D filled out.
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