Sample Sources: Fingerprinting

This article will explain Fingerprinting and its uses 


Fingerprinting refers to the Digital Fingerprint of a respondent. Turning on Fingerprinting will block a machine and/or ip address from being able to take a survey multiple times across all Sample Sources. You have the ability to turn on Fingerprinting for any and all Sample Sources. You can even exclude specific Sample Sources as well. Fingerprinting checks will happen across all Sample Sources that are toggled on. 

Accessing Sample Sources

Follow the steps below to turn Fingerprinting on or off. 

  1. Click on 'SURVEY SETTINGS' on the left side of the question tree
  2. Click on 'SAMPLE SOURCES' 

Turning Fingerprinting On/Off

  1. Turning Fingerprinting On/Off for Specific Sample Sources
    1. The 'Sample Sources' card will now open in the main screen. From here you will see all the Sample Sources you have setup for this survey. Simply click on the toggle in the 'FINGERPRINT DEDUPE' column to turn it on or off as needed for each one. 
      1. NOTE: The default is to have it ON so you can do any testing and not get terminated. 
  2. Turning Fingerprinting On/Off for ALL Sample Sources at Once
    1. If you need to control the Fingerprinting settings for ALL of the Sample Sources, click on the menu icon located in the 'Fingerprint Dedupe' column
    2. Select 'Enable All' to turn them all on OR  'Disable All' to turn them all off


In the example below, Sample Sources 121 and 123 are ON while 122 is off. This means that if: 

  • You come in using the 121 link and then try to come in using the 123 link, you will be termed. And vice-versa. 
  • If you come in using the 122 link and then try coming in using the 121 or 123 link, you will be termed. 

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