Custom Validations

This article will help you set up Custom Validations for a question 


Custom Validations allow you to use logic and custom error messages to aid the respondent in making sure their answers are accurate based on your criteria. 

Setting up a Custom Error Message

In order to setup a custom validation, you must first create the error message text. Follow the steps below to do do:

  1. Click on 'SURVEY SETTINGS' from the question tree on the left
  2. Then click 'DEFAULT TEXT' 
  3. The 'DEFAULT TEXT' card will then open in the main screen. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this card so you can see the 'CUSTOM ERRORS' page 
  4. You will need to enter the following: 
    1. TAG - This will be an easy short code for you to reference. You will need this to implement the logic later. Lets say its a message for Q3, then just call it Q3.
    2. VALUE - This will be your actual error message text
  5. You are done. If you have other questions you know you will need this sort of setup for, repeat steps 1-4 above. 

Adding your Custom Validation to a Question

If you have not already, please review the following article: 

Follow the steps below to add a Custom Validation to a specific question:

  1. Click on the question you want to add the Custom Validation to on the left side in the question tree
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right of the question card to open the question settings
  3. Click on 'Edit Custom Validations' button on the Question Settings 
  4. Click on the '+ Custom Validation' button to add your validation 
  5. Select the error message you created from the 'Message' drop-down
  6. Add your logic statement/formula as needed in the 'Condition' field. 
    1. See the following article with help with your logic/formula syntax: Logic Syntax
  7. Click on 'CREATE' when you are done 
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