Lookup: Add rows to an existing lookup

This article will help you add rows to an existing Lookup file in a survey.

First prepare the additional rows.  You will either need to A) remember the format of your original lookup (column headers and all) OR B) Download the lookup. To see how to upload/download a lookup start here: Lookups.

If you go the download route, the file will come with an additional column labeled "USED_YN".  Be sure to remove that from the file you will be uploading.

If your file has headers, be sure the same headers are included in the additional rows you would like to add.  Then prepare the file with ONLY the additional rows making sure nothing that already exists is in the file. Save it as .csv and then you are ready to upload.

Enter the lookup file interface as you did when adding the file (see Lookups).

a) Give your new Lookup file a name (1), toggle the 'Shared?' button (2) if needed and click on + 'Lookup' (3) to add it to the list

b) Click the 'Upload' button (4) and Select your file (5)

c)  Your search folder will appear and you can choose your .csv file from there.

d) Click the box (6) if you have matching headers, otherwise leave as is and Upload your new file (7)

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