Lookup: Add a Lookup

This article will help you add a Lookup file to a survey. 


A Lookup file is a file that you can upload into your project for use in your survey. Here are some common uses for lookup files: 

  • Assign a unique code to a respondent
  • Verify respondent information such as zip code, DMA
  • Reference a DCM, Max-diff or segmentation algorithm spreadsheet

Prepare Your Lookup File

The first step is to prepare your lookup file.  It should be in a .csv format. If you are looking to reference specific rows of the file be sure there is a column that serves as your "key"  to find a match to in order to collect the information across the row.  In the below example column A "RESP_ID" will be the value we will match to.  If you are just using the file to hand out unique codes or links to a respondent, you will only need to upload that one column.

Now you are ready to add your lookup.

Uploading Your Lookup File

  1. Access the 'Build & Edit Tool'. 
  2. Click on 'Survey Settings' from the 'Question Tree' 

  3.  The 'Survey Settings' options will then appear below it. Here you will click on 'Lookups'

  4. The 'Lookups' card will open in the main screen 

  5. Name your lookup file. This will be used in formula syntax. For this reason it would be helpful to make the name short. 

  6. If this file should be shared across multiple projects, click on the 'Shared?' toggle. This is not required. 

  7. Click on '+ Lookup' to add it to the list

  8. Click on the 'Upload' button next to the lookup you just created 

  9. Click on 'Select File' to search for your file 

  10. The file name will then appear. If your file will have a header row (column names in the spreadsheet) click on this box 

  11. Click on the 'Upload' button when you are done 

  12. You will see a checkbox confirming the file has been uploaded 

  13. Once you see this you can click 'Close' to close this window 

  14. You will then see the details of the uploaded file in the list 

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