*Segmentation Algorithm

This article will show you how to setup a standard Segmentation Algorithm 

In order to setup a Standard Segmentation Algorithm, follow the steps below. Segmentation Algorithms are setup like a CONCEPT.

  1. Click on 'CONCEPTS' from the question tree
  2. Click on '+ CONCEPT GROUP' 
  3. Name it what you want. Usually something like 'SEGMENT'
  4. Make sure to click on the 'Legacy setup' checkbox 
  5. Add as many concept groups as you have in total and name them 
  6. Click on the 'ADD' menu  
  7. Select your condition from this dropdown
    1. CONDITION - See Logic for more information
    2. ALWAYS - will always run
  8. In the 'ADD ACTION' dropdown, select 'PRIORITIZE'
  9. Select 'SEGMENTATION' 
  10. Now you will be able to setup how you want this setup, typically you want this to be 'DESCENDING' 
    1. ASCENDING - This will take the lowest scoring segment
    2. DESCENDING - This will take the highest scoring segment
  11. The next few steps are crucial, and have to be done in this specific order
    1. Click on 'ADD CONSTANT ROW' 
    2. Add the questions rows as needed by click on the 'ADD QUESTION ROW' 
      • Search for the questions and add them one by one using the 'SELECT' button:
    3. Click on the 'ADD CONCEPT COLUMNS' link as many times as you have groups. In this example I have 5. 
    4. Your result should look similar to the table below 
    5. You can now copy and paste your values, one column at a time in the corresponding columns based on your excel file. Just make sure to keep track of where the CONSTANT row is. Some files have it at the bottom and others at the top.  
    6. The last step is to program the logic to run this exercise AFTER all of the questions needed have been answered using page logic. 
      • This currently can only be executed using Page Logic. See Page Logic for help
      • Select 'RUN ACTIONS' and either type in your condition or select 'ALWAYS'
      • Select 'EVALUATE CONCEPT' and select your segmentation concept from the dropdown 
  12. As always, make sure to test the exercise to make sure its working properly compared against the design file. 
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