Question Level Skip/Display Logic

This article will show you the ways you can use Question Level Skip/Display Logic 


Question Level Skip/Display Logic will allow you to conditionally Skip or Display a question based on specific criteria. We have built in two options for you to be able to easily skip/display a question. 

  1. Skip Logic
    • When this feature is used, you would only SKIP the question if the specific criteria is true
  2. Display Logic
    • When this feature is use, you would only DISPLAY the question if the specific criteria is true

Both of these approaches have been included so that you can write your formulas based on how the questionnaire is written. Depending and client and or author of the questionnaire, the logic could be written in a different way. 


  1. Open the specific question you would like to conditionally skip or display.
  2. Access the 'Overall Question Settings' of the question you want to conditionally Skip or Display
  3. Now you can decide which option is best for your scenario based on your preference and/or how the questionnaire is written
    1. Skip Logic - Will SKIP the question if the formula entered evaluates to true
    2. Display Logic - Will DISPLAY the question if the formula entered evaluates to true
    3. NOTE: You cannot use both options at the same time. If you are using one and want to switch to the other, you will have to turn off the one being used first. 
  4. This will open the logic window. Here you have 2 options:
    • Standard - Will allow you to use dropdowns to create a basic formula
    • Advanced - Will allow you to enter a free form formula 
  5. Click on the 'Save' button when you are done
  6. Make sure to test to confirm your logic is working as intended
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