Questions Library: Modify a Question Template

This article will show you how to modify a Question Template within Questions Library Management

You modify a questions template within any Library you have the ability to EDIT. 

Modify a Question Template

  1. Search for your Library you to add it to (see Questions Library: Searching for a Library)
  2. Once you are in the Library you want to add a Question Template to, click on any of the edit (pencil) icons
  3. This will open a survey with all of the questions from that Library as well as the specific Question Card you clicked on the edit icon for
  4. Close the question card. 
  5. Now you can add a question. Since this is a survey, you have access to all of the other questions within this Library so you can edit any of the others here as well without having to go back. (See Working with Questions for help)
  6. Once you are done, everyone with access to this Library and tries to use it, will have access to it this updated version going forward unless it gets edited again. 
  7. You can now close out of the survey
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