Terms & Dropouts

This article explains the 'Terms and Dropouts' section on the 'Survey Dashboard'.


An important part of managing and monitoring your survey while its in field is knowing where respondents are terminating and/or abandoning. This section of the 'Survey Dashboard' will provide this exact information for you. 

Termination Report

The 'Termination Report' will provide you a list of all the termination points for your survey. Below is an explanation of each column of this report. 

  • ID:  Termination identifier as utilized for survey authoring.
  • Term:  Human readable term for describing the reason for termination.
  • Page:  The page where the termination is occurring.
  • Quota Row:  The quota row associated with the termination point, if applicable.
  • Quota Column:  The quota column associated with the termination point, if applicable.
  • Count:  The cumulative count of respondents terminated at that point.
  • Percentage:  The value represented as a percentage versus total terminations for the survey.

By default, the report is sorted by 'Count' in descending order. This allows you to see the top termination points quickly and easily. You can also sort by any of the columns with arrows next to the header.

Top Abandon Points

The 'Top Abandon Points' will provide a list of the locations in the survey where respondents have dropped off. The list has four columns

  • Page: Point at which one or more abandons occurred.
  • Content Reference: Question name and text for the first question programmed on the specified page so you have a reference point without have to access other locations in the survey. 
  • Count:  Count of all respondents who abandoned at the specified page.
  • Percentage:  Value as a percent of all points of abandonment at the specified page.

By default, this table is sorted by the 'Count' column in descending order. You can also sort by any of the columns with arrows next to the header.

Report Filters

There are a number of filters available at the top of the screen. By modifying these filters both the 'Term Report' and ' Top Abandon Points' will reflect these selections. There are currently 4 options available:

  • Respondent Type:
    • All
    • Live
    • Test
  • Time: 
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Past week
    • Past month
    • Past year
  • Sample Sources:
    • A conditional list based on the Sample Sources programmed
  • Locales:
    • A conditional list based on the Locales programmed
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