Add a Section

This article will show you how to Add a Section. 


Sections are utilized for a number of reasons:

  • To create visual separation between different areas in a survey. A basic example would be to program your screener in Section 1, your main q're in section 2 and your demographics in section 3. 
  • To utilize 'Concept Looping'. This is a section that you can program once but can be looped through and answered multiple times
  • So you can work collaboratively with internal team mates. A perfect example would be for you to create Section 1 and program within it while a team mate works in Section 2. This way you can work independently with the same project

Adding a Section

  1. Click on the 'Add a Section' Button on the bottom left of the question tree. This will add a new blank section to the end of your survey.
  2. You can then drag and drop the section where needed
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