Questions Library: Find a Question Template

his article will show you how to find a Questions Template within the Questions Library

Find a Question Template

  1. NOTE: If you have not used the Questions Library Management interface, please see: Questions Library: Getting Started
  2. Search for your Library (see Questions Library: Searching for a Library)
  3. Once you find the specific one on the list on the left, click on it. This will open the Questions List within this specific Library. 
  4. To search for Question Template, type in the name of the template in the 'Filter' box 
  5. As an example, lets search for 'Gender', since I know I have 2 gender questions in this Library. This will bring up any matches based on your filter criteria.
  6. If you do not remember which is the one you want, you can preview it by clicking on the view (eye) icon
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