Questions Library: Getting Started

This article will show you how to access and use the Questions Library Management interface

You may at some time need to make updates to the Questions Library. CMIX allows you to add, modify and delete question templates and entire libraries. This article will show you how to make changes as needed.

Accessing Questions Libraries

There are 2 ways to access the Questions Library

  1. Questions Library Management 
    1. To access the Questions Library Management screen, follow these steps:
    2. From the Launchpad (Project List), click on the Management Menu
    3. Select 'LIBRARY MANAGEMENT' from the menu options
    4. You will be directed to the Library Management screen 
  2. While Programming in the Survey Authoring Tool
    1. If you haven't already, please review the following articles: 
    2. In order to access a questions library while programming, you must first have at least one question programmed. 
    3. Once you have at least one question programmed, click on the icon with 3 dots next to the question 
    4. Click on the 'Save as Template' option that appears on the menu that comes up 
    5. The 'Libraries' Menu will then pop up for you 
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