Launchpad: Favorites

This article will show you how to use the Launchpad Favorites


The 'Favorites' feature will allow you to quickly search for projects that are top priority for you. 

The Launchpad

When you log in, you will be on the 'Launchpad' (Project List). All of your applicable projects will be listed here for you. 

Selecting a Favorite

You will see you have an 'Actions' column on the far right. By default the stars will just be outlined (meaning they are NOT a Favorite). If you want to flag a project as a Favorite, simply click on the star icon in the 'Actions' column. This will fill in the color of the star. You can deselect it by clicking on it again at any time. 

Viewing Your Favorites

If you want to view only your 'Favorite' projects, click on the 'My Favorites' box. This will now show you only those items you flagged as a 'Favorite'. 

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