Questions Library: Permissions

This article will show you how to use the Add, Modify and/or delete Permissions for a Questions Library

You may at some time need to make updates to the Questions Library. CMIX allows you to add and modify Library Permissions. This article will show you how to make changes as needed.

Granting Permissions While Adding a Library

  1. NOTE: If you have not used the Questions Library, please see the following articles: 
    1. Questions Library: Getting Started
    2. Questions Library: Adding a Library
  2. When creating a Library, you can setup the initial permissions    
    1. Make a 'Private Library' - This is a Library that only you will have access to. Nobody else can access it unless you share it. 
      1. Name your library
      2. Make sure NOT to check the 'Shared' checkbox if you want this to be a personal library
      3. Click on the 'SAVE' button
    2. Make a 'Shared Library' - This will allow you to share libraries with others. You can unshare them at any time. 
      1. Name your library
      2. Make sure you check the 'Shared' checkbox to indicate you want others to be able to access it.
      3. In the 'Entity' field, you will be able to select the group you want to share the library with. 
      4. In the 'Permission' drop-down you can select the type of access to the library. 
        • You can choose 'VIEW' to be able to use the library but not modify it OR
        • Select 'EDIT' to give read/write privileges. This means this group can add, modify and/or delete anything in the library or the library itself
    3. Click '+Add Permission' when you are done with the group. If you have more groups to provide access, you can continue to add more
    4. Once you are done, click on the 'SAVE' button

Modify Existing Library Permissions

You can also go back and modify any Library which you have to ability to EDIT. Follow these steps to modify an existing Library.

  1. Search for the Library (see Questions Library: Searching for a Library)
  2. Click on the icon to the right to edit it
  3. Now you can see the current permissions for that specific library
    1. If you want to remove access from a certain group...
      • Click on the 'X' to the right of the group name 
      • Click 'SAVE 
    2. If you want to modify the permission for a specific group...
      • Click on the 'X' to the right of the group name (to delete)
      • You will have to then re-add the entity/group to provide updated permissions
      • Click 'SAVE' 
    3. If you want to remove permissions from everyone and make it a Private Library 
      • Uncheck the 'Shared' checkbox
      • Click on the 'SAVE'  
      • This is now only accessible by you 

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