System Variable Glossary

This article will provide a list of System Variables along with supplemental information


The term "System Variable" refers to the set of variables built into every project automatically. These variables are available in the Export Files section of each project as needed. 

Below is the list of all of the "System Variables" along with the definition, key (when applicable) and if the ability to recode the variable exists via the 'Bulk Update' feature. 

Variable Name Definition Key (if applicable) Bulk Update Available?
CID This refers to the assigned respondent number NA No
STATUS Respondent status while taking the survey 1='In Process' 
TERMINATION_CODE There are system generated codes provided for each termination. This will vary from project to project NA Yes
START_DATE This is the respondents START time. When they started the survey. (Time in EST) NA No
END_DATE This is the respondents END time. When they finished the survey. (Time in EST) NA No
LENGTH_OF_INTERVIEW Amount of time, in seconds, a respondent took to complete the survey. NA No
TEST Flag used to tell the difference between test respondents vs real respondents. 'Y'=Test Respondent 
'N'=Real Respondent
LAST_PAGE Last page seen by a respondent. If a respondent abandoned and came back, this is where he/she would land. NA No
LOCALE The language version used to take the survey NA No
SAMPLE_SOURCE The is a numeric code given to each sample provider. Used in every project but used mostly when trying to manage multiple sample sources. NA No
RESP_TOKEN Unique respondent identifier assigned by the sample provider. Also called the passcode or password. NA Yes
IS_MOBILE Flags if the respondent was using a mobile device 1=Mobile Device 
2=Not a Mobile Device
DEVICE_TYPE Flags the specific type of device used to take the survey, if possible. 1 'Console' 
2 'Desktop' 
3 'EReader' 
4 'SmartPhone' 
5 'Tablet' 
6 'Tv' 
7 'Other' 
PLATFORM Platform used to take the survey, if possible. 1 '3DS System Software' 
2 'Android' 
3 'Apple TV Software' 
4 'BlackBerry OS' 
5 'BlackBerry Tablet OS' 
6 'Linux' 
7 'Mac OS X' 
8 'PalmOS' 
9 'PS Vita System Software' 
10 'PS3 System Software' 
11 'PS4 Software' 
12 'PSP System Software' 
13 'WiiU' 
14 'Windows' 
15 'Windows Mobile' 
16 'Windows Phone' 
17 'Windows RT' 
18 'iOS' 
19 'Other' 
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